WHY ENGLAND? For lakes, mountains
and coast
WHY ENGLAND? For history,
culture and hospitality
WHY ENGLAND? For sport,
events and attractions

Choice, Character & Charm All year round

Why England? It’s not just because of our cultural diversity, our sporting events, our depth of history or our varied landscape. It’s not just because getting round is easy and that amazing things await within two hours of our airports. It’s not just because our hospitality goes from cosy village pubs to five star hotels. It’s more than that.

Why England? Because we have something unique to offer the market. Because we have experiences that reward success. Because our incentives can raise eyebrows and capture the imagination all year round. That’s why. Browse our sample itineraries and let England speak for itself.


Quality, value and variety

  • World renowned sporting events
  • Historic sites dating from ancient times to Beatlemania
  • Film, theatre and the arts from Shakespeare to Damien Hirst
  • Industrial innovation that shaped the modern world
  • Centuries old tradition of academic and scientific excellence
  • Short journey times and easy to get around
  • Open 12 months of the year
  • Dine in a castle, sleep like a king
  • Rolling hills, craggy mountains, dramatic coastline and miles of country lanes.